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What Participants Say About SWAY Activities


Youth Club Café – Participants were asked what they enjoy most…….

Talking to people – Joshua 15yrs

Making new friends – Empress 15yrs

Everything – Gerald 16yrs

Sense of community – Weddasse 16yrs

Staying with people – Pamela 13yrs

Community spirit – Stefan 14yrs

Participants who attended the Youth Club Café were asked to rate the following statements and the majority scored the service at 1- Very Good, some scored the service at 2- Good and nobody scored 3 or 4

Please circle how you rate the following statements
 V. Good   Good    Fair    Poor
The Career Youth Club is well organised       1           2           3          4
Staff are helpful and approachable       1           2           3          4
I can talk to staff about anything that is bothering me       1           2           3         4
Do you think the discussion topics are relevant and useful to you       1           2           3          4
This CYC is a good opportunity to meet young people I would not normally meet or talk with       1           2           3          4
Do you enjoy the different types of snacks served       1           2           3          4
I feel safe in this environment      1           2           3          4

 Holiday ActivitiesParticipants comments about various activities…………. 

I learnt how to drift in a go cart – Callum 12yrs

Painting T-shirt designs was interesting – Lulu 9yrs

I learnt competition can be sneaky – Tia 16yrs

Making the dance video was interesting – Melanie 10yrs

I learnt how to Kayak and enjoyed it – Rossi 11yrs

I enjoyed Go-Carting – Barwago 16yrs

Singing in the studio was interesting – Tiarna 12yrs –

I learnt that pigs are herbival – Jadan-Lee 8yrs

I enjoyed feeding the chickens – Kiyah 12yrs