Holiday Club Activities 2017

For 2 weeks in August and 1 week in October 2017 SWAY ran holiday activities with approx. 44 participants attending.  Partaking in various activities such as Kayaking, Go-Carting, Archery, T-Shirt design, Altitude Heights, creating their own song on a CD, a dance video and much more.

Participants benefitted in different ways depending on the activity and their own individual area of need.  Each activity was designed to support

  • Reduction in anti-social behaviour – provided with a safe environment to engage in activities which promoted social interaction, community cohesion and assisted in developing their social skills and life skills. Through discussions and group work participants and some parents were able to share with staffs some of their concerns and receive support in addressing individual concerns. Providing a suitable alternative to just hanging around on the streets or being bored at home.
  • Improved Social Skills, Self Esteem, Confidence and Community Cohesion – Through different activities participants were provided with opportunities to work together, developing friendships with participants not previously known to them and participate in activities they initially lacked confidence in. Skills used included recognising/understanding others’ point of view, active listening, communication – verbal, written and body language, working as a team.
  • Increased Health and Well Being – Included a visit to a City Farm, participants were given a tour which included educational talks on fresh farm produce and specific plants and flowers that could be used in salads or as part of a meal. They were given the opportunity to feed and pet some of the animals and ask questions.


The Football activity included talks led by a qualified coach during lunch, which centred around leading a healthy lifestyle through healthy eating and exercise.  Participants engaged in creating their own bath products, such as bubble bath, bath salts.  During the activity, staff engaged participants in discussions about hygiene and why it was important.  The participants were able to take home their own creation.


Other activities and benefits to the participants included

  • T-Shirt Activity – Design/ Artwork Skills – Participants were taken through the process of creating a design and then duplicating the design onto a T-Shirt.
  • Freedom of Expression through art – Participants were encouraged to use a specially prepared wall to express how they felt about certain things through graffiti and how art could also be used to express their emotions in a safe way.
  • Facing their fears/ challenges and Improved confidence – Through other activities such as Kayaking, Ice skating, Go Karting and Altitude Heights (line and plank walking from a great height) participants were encouraged to engage in activities that they would not normally engage in or fearful of. Staff supported and encouraged participants by partaking in the activity themselves and encouraging talks.