Holiday Club Activities 2018

SWAY provided Holiday Activities for children and young people in August 2018 this included:

  • Academic Support– for participants 8-11yrs. Participants will be given 1hr of academic support in English and Maths relevant to primary school’s curriculum.


  • Football – Partnership working with Young’s Football Coaching School to deliver football training sessions to be held at Ark Academy in Wembley.


  • 8-13yrs – Activities – Music and dance Workshop, Various Trips –including Kayaking and archery, T-shirt designs


  • 14yrs+ – Youth club and trips with opportunities for young people to socialise with each other within an informal environment playing games such as pool, tabletop ice hockey, Xbox, nail art.   


Participants benefitted in different ways according to their own individual area of need.  Each activity was designed to deliver different benefits detailed in the Funding application. 


Benefit Outcomes – Participants were provided with a safe environment (with qualified and experienced staff) to engage in various activities which promoted social interaction, community cohesion and assisted in developing their social skills.   Through interaction with these activities staff engaged in general conversations and discussions with participants giving advice and support where required, at times this involved interjecting in conversations and encouraging the participants to examine their individual behaviour.  The trips to Go Karting, Ice skating and Lea Valley Water Park gave the participants the opportunity to travel to different areas and engage in activities they would not normally engage in, some of the older participants when asked what they would be doing if they did not attend this trip commented they would probably be hanging around the shopping centre with their friends or at home being bored. 


List of Activities and how they contributed to delivering the Benefits

Football – Participant’s engaged in different types of training and team working activities that assisted in developing their technical abilities, improving their social skills, self-esteem and communication skills.  Sessions were designed that developed Football technical abilities – which involved learning different techniques such as ball control, shooting a ball, passing a ball in different ways, placement for setting up to shoot a goal, two touch and first time finishing, heading a ball, attacking and defending skills, being able to dribble, identify space on a field and utilise it, identify when to use different touches and able to use jockeying to defend and team working skills.


T-shirt Design – The aim was for participants to create a t-shirt that represented their individual personality.  During the activity participants would be encouraged to discuss and share how their design represented their personality, contributing to developing their communication and artistic skills and expressing themselves through art. 




Music workshop – Participants were given the opportunity to create their own positive music affirmation CD.  This involved them working in pairs assisting in their team working skills and develop their listening/ communication skills



Go Karting – Involved participants engaging in a competitive activity that allowed them to work together as a team.  This supported improving their team building, communication, discipline and social skills.  

Also providing opportunities to meet and form new friendship groups and increasing Community Cohesion and individual self-esteem.




Ice Skating gave participants the opportunity to learn/ develop skills required to skate to build up their individual self-esteem, it was also an opportunity to socialise with other participants thereby improving social skills and providing an opportunity for participants to meet and form new friendship groups, in turn, increasing community Cohesion.


MasterChef – participants working in pairs were given written instructions on how to prepare a specified dish.  This supported developing team working and communications skills and the ability to follow instructions.  Discussions took place around healthy eating.





Water Wipeout Splash – A fun activity where participants were required to tackle an inflatable obstacle course on water.  This activity provided participants with the opportunity to develop their team building skills as they supported each other over each obstacle, also improving their social skills as they spent time with each other – providing opportunities to meet and form new friendship groups, Increased Community Cohesion and improved Self – esteem as each participant repeated the course, they were able to overcome previous obstacles.



Design a Hoodie – This activity encouraged participants to express a side of their personality they do not normally share with others including promoting a message to others.  This developed their self-esteem and confidence being adventurous in what they wanted to say through their individual personality designs. 






Academic Support – Participants of primary school age received academic support in English and Maths prior to engaging in any planned activity at the beginning of each day.  This assisted in keeping them focused and their mind active towards their academic studies.  Participants were supported in completing worksheets that consisted of exercises appropriate to their age group and level of understanding. Where appropriate the participant was encouraged to complete worksheets above their expected target for their age.