Outreach And Youth Club Café

Outreach and Youth Club Café is provided during term time throughout the academic year.   


  • Deter anti-social behaviour
  • Reduce experiences of social exclusion
  • Improve cohesion between young people in the community
  • Provide support to achieve career aspirations
  • Provide a safe environment for young people to socialise without fear of harm.



  • Discussions with opportunities to seek advice and assistance on issues of concern
  • Social and interactive activities learning new skills and improve cohesion
  • Signposting to specialist support agencies.
  • Support in producing CV’s and making informed decisions about career aspirations


Youth Club Café – Based at St John’s Community Centre the club is open every Friday from 3.30pm – 7 pm for participants of secondary school age.  Participants engage in social activities and support is available to assist participants in making informed decisions about their future aspirations.  Staff will listen to any issues that are of concern to them and if required signposted to professional agencies according to their area of need.   Participants are provided with a free snack (which includes a vegetarian and halal option) and are encouraged to sit around the table to eat where discussions will take place on areas of interest to the participants.  These discussions are led by staff and designed to assist in developing their social/ interpersonal skills.  Discussions have covered areas such as Healthy Relationships, Personal Hygiene, Interracial Marriages and Youth Crime. 

In December 2017 participants competed in a friendly table tennis match with participants from the OK Youth Club based in Kilburn.  The match was part of a drive to support the breaking down of postcode barriers and encourage cohesion amongst young people from different areas.  Glad to say amidst heavy competition WE WON!

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Outreach work involves staff going out into the local community when schools finish and engaging in conversations with young people to support the reduction of anti-social behaviour and improve community cohesion.  Young people are also encouraged to attend the Youth Club Café on a Friday.  Approximately 80% of participants met during Outreach attended the Friday Youth club even if it was only for one visit.