School’s And Outreach

Current funding for this project is provided by Brent’s Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)  and is due to end in April 2019 unless further funding is received.

This project provides Outreach services once a week to three specified secondary schools in the areas of Wembley Park, Wembley High Road and Alperton. Staff will also work to establish relationships with the specified schools where they do Outreach and once a working relationship has been established pastoral support for identified students will be offered which includes mentoring and life skills workshops thereby complimenting the Outreach work further. This approach assists the development of a more relational service to young people where they will have access to our services inside and outside of school, as the work within schools will assist in any follow-up, concerns or queries raised by young people. Young people will be encouraged to attend SWAY’s Youth Café project where they engage in social activities and receive support in making informed decisions about their future aspirations and any issues of concern and signposted to professional agencies according to their area of need. 


SWAY’s Schools and Outreach service will contribute to the reduction of anti-social behaviour, improve community cohesion between young people, enhance personal and social development and interpersonal skills. Enhancing the safety and emotional and social well-being of young people through staff whose focus is to listen and respond to their concerns, reducing experiences of disengagement from society. This approach supports an integral part of a young person’s development which can also support a schools PHSE curriculum.