About SWAY

In 2003 a group of 7 churches in the Wembley area of North West London had the vision of working together to develop their youth work and provide young people within the multi-cultural communities in Sudbury, Wembley and Alperton with opportunities for personal development.

The SWAY project is a registered charity that has been established for nearly 10 years. it is a joint project of Sudbury Methodist Church, Sudbury Baptist Church, Wembley Family Church, St John’s parish Church – Wembley, St James parish Church – Alperton, St Andrews parish Church – Sudbury and Ealing road Methodist Church – Alperton. There is also the opportunity to learn about and celebrate the Christian faith.

We recognise that our project is located within a highly multi-cultural and multi-faith part of Brent which also contains some areas of considerable deprivation. Therefore our project is open to all members of the community who fall within the category of young people regardless of their faith or ethnicity.


  • Develop work with young people of all backgrounds from the Sudbury, Wembley and Alperton area;
  • To provide leisure activities and opportunities for personal growth, the development of responsibility and skills in a variety of fields.
  • To liaise with schools and other statutory bodies to further the above ends.
  • Build up youth fellowships in churches and the opportunity to develop Christian spiritual growth within Sudbury, Wembley and Alperton area.