What We Do

We cannot deliver our services to Children and Young People on our own.  We can only do this with the help and support of various individuals, organisations and most importantly children and young people.

One way we empower young people is by providing various opportunities in our project where they actively contribute to the design, development and delivery of our services.  They will also develop a variety of skills and experience the world of work:

Youth Representatives: are responsible for supporting SWAY staff in gathering the views of children and young people who attend our activities, presenting ideas of how to improve SWAY’s delivery, representing the views and opinions of their peers, and acting as role models.

Young Volunteers: In addition to the above this role includes assisting staff in setting out activities and clearing away after the session, encouraging other participants to engage in the activities being delivered.

Young Leaders: This is a paid role and in addition to the above contributions staff will be supported in planning sessions and activities,

We are user-led organisation, and our staff are from the local community, having relatable lived out experiences to that of our participants.