Feedback: Projects

Young people provided their feedback and comments on the projects they participated in:


Youth Club Café 

“Talking to people”, Joshua 15yrs

“Making new friends”, Empress 15yrs

“Everything”, Gerald 16yrs

“Sense of community”, Weddasse 16yrs

“Staying with people”, Pamela 13yrs

“Community spirit”, Stefan 14yrs



Holiday Activities 

“I learnt how to drift in a go cart”, Callum 12yrs

“I learnt competition can be sneaky”, Tia 16yrs

“Making the dance video was interesting”, Melanie 14yrs

“I learnt how to Kayak and enjoyed it”, Rossi 11yrs

“I enjoyed Go-Carting”, Barwago 16yrs

“Singing in the studio was interesting”, Tiarna 12yrs