About Us


Young people today face many challenges such as social exclusion, poverty, mental health, education, employment, violence, drugs, alcohol, sexual behaviour, media and peer pressure, the list can seem endless.  In response, they can feel that any hope of achieving their aspirations or reaching their full potential is limited or even non-existent.  This can lead them to make unhealthy choices that have a long-term impact.  At times their behaviour seems like they don’t care – when in fact they do, they just require support in navigating their way through these challenges.

SWAY’s work supports young people through their adolescent development, taking each challenge as a learning experience.  This includes facilitating their learning and understanding about themselves, others and society, and respecting and valuing differences. Also developing skills that supports them in achieving their future aspirations and navigating their way through life.


Our approach is holistic as our aim is to engage and develop the whole person and our starting point is based on the needs of the young person.  We provide support through the delivery of Mentoring services within a variety of settings and a range of social and learning activities within our Holiday and Youth Clubs.  Our approach reduces the risk of disengagement from society, anti-social behaviour and supports improved mental health and wellbeing.  Our services fit within the Contextual Safeguarding approach, supporting young people and at times their families through even the most challenging of situations.